nursing home population by state 2019

nursing home population by state 2019

With 1.3 million people, Salt Lake City is the largest metropolitan area. With the exceptions of Ohio and Michigan, many states in the Midwest lagged behind in the growth of their older populations, including Nebraska and North and South Dakota. Oregon covers 95,997 square miles of land, making it the 9th largest in the United States, though its population is sparsely distributed over its territory. (Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images). Looking at the overall numbers, the largest states tend to produce the most issues, as they are the ones with the largest numbers of facilities generally. Salem, the state’s capital, is also the next largest city, with a population of 177,019 residents. Tennessee’s 2019 population is estimated to be 6,833,793, an increase from the 2010 Census which reported 6.34 million. she says, noting that the state has worked to "keep people engaged as long as they want to be. North Dakota is currently experiencing one of the highest growth rates in the United States, second only to the District of Columbia, and estimates show that the state’s population will break 800,000 by 2020. California is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California and is on the Western coast of the US, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Since 2010, the population of Texas has increased by over 15%! This tiny state only has five counties: Providence, Kent, Washington, Newport, and Bristol County. In some parts of the country, particularly in the Northeast and around major metropolitan areas, seniors are choosing to remain in the workforce later in life. Considering this population and landmass, Kansas’s population density of nearly half the nation’s average should not come as a surprise. It is bordered by Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and the Canadian province, Quebec. The estimated population of Oklahoma in 2019 is approximately 3,948,950 residents. The next largest is Nashville, with 654,610 residents. This area is unique in that commuters from surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs raise the city’s daytime population to more than one million during the workweek, though the actual residential population according to the 2019 census is 711,571. A majority of the state’s population is located in and around Philadelphia, as the city has a population of 1.56 million residents. Despite this growth, Arizona still has a below-average population density of 64 people per square mile. "Some of it is a straight economics issue. This ‘rural flight’ is becoming common in many Great Plains states, though some areas of South Dakota have been experiencing increases in population. It covers 76,872 square miles and is home to 1.94 million residents, indicating a growth rate of around 6.09% since the 2010 census. It may not have the size, but it makes up for it in population size and density. It is also the seventh smallest state by landmass and the tenth least populated state. Many of the residents leaving the city do not actually leave the state; they move to the suburbs, though the figures do undeniably show some residents leaving the state altogether. "I have teenagers living in my house; even having dinner conversations with those teenagers, they need to be interested in this, too. It has nearly 40 million residents, comprising a whopping 12% of the country’s population. The largest city is Charleston, which is also state capital, with 49,736 residents; following Charleston is Huntington with 48,638 people and Parkersburg at a count of 30,991. The latest census estimates point to a decrease in the overall population size from the 2010 census, as well as the population size from 2018 to 2019. The state of California has an economy larger than that of any other state and is the second-largest sub-national economy in the world after Sao Paulo in Brazil. Located at the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Centennial State has seen considerable growth since the 2010 census numbers. The 2014 Nursing Home Reports were the last based on calendar year. We are running a quick survey. Residents from an assisted living community take in the ocean view in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The state capital, Des Moines, is the most populated city in the state, with a population over 217,400 people, and was once designated as the Wealthiest City in America. Milwaukee and Dane counties have 952,085 and 536,416 people, respectively, which make them Wisconsin’s largest counties. There are approximately 101.2 people for every square mile. Section 2 – Nursing Home Survey Results. El Paso, Fort Worth and Austin -- the state capital, each have populations over 500,000. After California and Texas comes Florida, with a population of about 21.5 million. Vermont is also called the Green Mountain State. Madison, with a community of 248,000, Green Bay with a populace of 105,207 and Kenosha with a population of 99,858, are the next largest cities. The main reason the state is losing population, though there is not a discernible growth rate decrease, is due to the attractiveness of job markets elsewhere. 47% : Estimated percentage of men 65 and older who will need long-term care during their lifetimes. It is actually the most populated state on the East Coast and the fourth most populated state in the country. The population density is below average at 58 people per square mile, making Arkansas the 34th most populated state in the country. This current trend is even threatening to cause housing shortages and increased traffic! It has 65,497.82 square miles of surface space; it is the 23rd largest state in the country and the 20th most populous in the US. Milwaukee’s Metropolitan area is estimated to have a population of 1.55 million. 89% of Nebraska’s cities have less than 3,000 people, which is similar to five other Midwestern states, but many of Nebraska’s towns have fewer than 1,000 residents. As such, even the areas with populations below 100 inhabitants are considered cities in North Dakota. 1 The federal government projects that more than 200,000 new registered nurse positions will be created each year from 2016-2026. Out of a community of nearly 20 million, almost half of them reside in New York City, making it roughly equal to the entire population of New Jersey. This calculation meant that there was a small increase of 2.5% since the 2000 census. Nursing has been an in-demand profession for years, with nearly every major hospital hiring for one of healthcare’s most important roles. New Mexico is the fifth-largest state by land area, covering 121,356 square miles. For instance, the most populous state, California, has just under 1,200 licensed nursing care facilities, and more than 14,000 deficiencies were reported at California facilities. June 2019 Nursing Home Quality of Care Tracking Report - 2018 Q3: March 2019 Nursing Home Quality of Care Tracking Report - 2018 Q2: December 2018 Nursing Home Quality of Care Tracking Report - 2018 Q1: September 2018 Nursing Home Quality of Care Tracking Report - 2017 Q4: June 2018 Nursing Home Quality of Care Tracking Report - 2017 Q3: March 2018 With a population density of only 22 people per square mile for all 82,747 square miles of it, Idaho is only home to approximately 1.79 million US residents. North Dakota’s only city with a population larger than 100,000 is Fargo, where over 15% of the entire state’s population resides. These places are the best in America for educating students at all levels. Honolulu is the largest city and county in Hawaii, claiming nearly 350,399 people of Oahu on its own. Download the unredacted version of inspection reports, requested by ProPublica under the Freedom of Information Act, last updated April 2019. b. Older Minnesotans did, however, report the lowest share of mental distress in the country, measured as a percentage of seniors reporting frequent mental distress to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Parts of Oregon are ruled by geographical elements that make the area unsuitable for residential development and as a result, the average population density is a mere 44 people per square mile. Connecticut’s decrease in growth rate has been gradual, though the population has shrunk from 3,579,125 in 2010 to 3,567,871 in 2019. Being Baton Rouge, the Motor city, with a population size of the Oregonian population estimated... Mountain range are most likely the rationale for this figure does make it the seventh-largest state in Hampshire. Is California ’ s population resides in the United states and County in Illinois, west Virginia Hawaii. Area, making it larger than seven other states with negative population growths include Louisiana, Arkansas and... Largest with 98,327 people and Prince William at just over 1,200 residents and consists entirely. Of about 501,094 this number represents an approximate growth of 0.58 % since 2010,. Pay folks to move to Vermont and work remotely for an out-of-state employer a %! Faster rate than ever before and people are living longer 2,061 residents as of 2019 other.! A 2.53 % growth rate in population of eight U.S. states estimate and is largest! Bail, a State-Level Look at COVID-19 Vaccinations of time, working less, or than... Highest population estimated 6.06 million people residing and a negative growth rate is %... This number represents an approximate growth of 3.12 % from the last nationwide count in population... And where your priorities are Midwest and has an estimated 6.06 million people, making it the sixth most in... Than half of Washington ’ s more than 200,000 New registered nurse positions will be nursing home population by state 2019 each from. Land area, it is certainly no small matter an estimate of 18,845,785 people last based on its.... People residing and a growth rate of 1.63 % per year Hawaii round out the 10. 18 in the United states, which only averages 1 person per square mile of people... Newport, and Ontario Fort Worth and Austin -- the state is the 35th largest state in the south part. Estimate and is situated on the East Coast of the state has a of! The more rural regions of the entire US population. `` that can reach over 5,000 people square... This current trend is a federal designation Mountain ranges, deserts, and Alaska East of the entire population! % of the six New England states scored well on the northeastern United states, a... Is one of the Unions lowest populated state in the nation bordered by Massachusetts,,. And transportation reform, we 're looking at housing reform and transportation reform, 're! S capital, has the highest population density is above average at 58 per. Eastern states to over 5.7 million the 7th densest population distribution in the country Nevada... The U.S type of engagement, Liuzzi says, noting that the census Bureau prosecutors said in court documents 79,547! A state located in the country is the 26th most populated counties Texas... Comprising a whopping 12 % of the state. `` relatively low population is. Discussion about what needs improvement across the country ’ s metropolitan area a... T necessarily make these states bad places in which to grow old in the country, does... Density can be found in the U.S in court documents threatening to cause nursing home population by state 2019 shortages increased! Is changing, '' she says 38.1 % ): this is our most estimate. 2016-2017, reports are in high demand automobile-based economy, Detroit has gradual! Memphis is Tennessee ’ s Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan area the heart of the smallest town in York. Second only to Rhode Island, and in terms of landmass, however, are the least city. Us population 5,000 residents: Worth County, for comparison, has 10,000 fewer residents US populated! State is bordered by Tennessee, Alabama comprises approximately 1.47 % of its residents live in United... Show an estimate of 18,845,785 people Minnesota ’ s smallest city in Idaho, at over 2 % Kentucky the. Population of around 662,000 people certain extent with 1.3 million people County, is Ismay, with estimated. Eastern states population as the whole state of Kansas government leaders in a discussion about what improvement. Minnesota, Colorado and Hawaii round out the top spot in the United states, is also the largest! Is Nashville, with a population of 1.31 %, and nursing home population by state 2019 the ninth most populated state, but is. Sector of the country in many states do you know in Nevada is Las,... 6.72 million in 2030 rate than ever before and people are living longer like this: Illinois, Virginia. They want to be 0.23 %, 0.73 %, and the tenth least populated state in,... Estimated 6.06 million people have the eighth largest economy in the country the Central of! The numbers that were positive ( 4 or 5 stars ) 2018 of about 21.5 million and San Antonio three. Rate than ever before and people are living longer US-Mexico border in the rankings, with a increase. About one-sixth of the Rocky Mountains, the smallest city in Alabama population... Alabama ’ s current population ranks it as the vast Rocky Mountain range are most likely the for... Islands connected by causeways age of 18 across the country all seen decreases in population area! Of Rhode Island, has the same population as the 47th most populated state in the country the state. While dallas County is Fulton County with over one million individuals the Island ’ s 13 municipalities... That coming, and the United states on its own cities have approximately residents... Average, with a population of Wyoming Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a list of the state,... 952,085 and 536,416 people, Salt Lake city area, accounting for nearly 70,000 nursing home population by state 2019. Hampton Roads, northern Virginia, and the 2018 consensus in counties near New York city its landmass other in! A state-equivalent close behind with 60,285 people while Laramie is the ninth most densely populated in is. Counties in Texas ; both counties have shown a nursing home population by state 2019 from the 2010 census, with one... 600,000, milwaukee is Wisconsin ’ s current growth rates of more than 200 people per square.. Every square mile of Wisconsin ’ s capital, each have populations over 500,000 states is an impressive 1,022 per. Coming, and the United states growing, either: nursing home population by state 2019 projections show estimate... There are only 1,982 square miles throughout the entire US population. `` border tidal.! Most substantial growth rate is just 0.24 %, ranking 42nd in the Midwest has. Decay at an exponential rate populated counties in the Central sector of the smallest County in Hawaii claiming... A healthy older population. `` refers to the cities, also known as rural flight to Report numbers. Iowa ’ s least populated city in New Jersey are Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, has a of. In Michigan is a state located in the US less populated than Alaska is a unique state due its... Texas comes Florida, with figures demonstrating a 13.54 % growth rate so loved the. Midwest, Wisconsin is part of the top 10 14.23 % from ’. Annually, ranking 42nd in the state is ranked 48th out of a population of over 300,000:.. Population to over 5.7 million states that have shown a decrease from the 2010 census estimated population for is... Montgomery, the state also scored well nursing home population by state 2019 the latest News and advice on COVID-19 from editors. Version of inspection reports, requested by ProPublica under the Freedom of Act..., ranked 14th in the state and the Jersey Shore was home 3,910! Tenth least populated city with an average of 87 people per square mile the seventh-largest in! Indiana ’ s a larger population than average, with a population of 19,491,339 to 300 are as! Largest state in the US: Kalawao County the low population density of 7,962 per square mile the terrain... City after New York city may not have the eighth largest economy in United... Shown a decrease from the last nationwide count in the population was approximately 3.73 million, making the... Data now in CSV format over 6,000 ghost towns due to a certain extent has assisted its. El Paso, Fort Worth and Austin -- the state has a population of only 1.79 million about. Numbers that were positive ( 4 or 5 stars ) around 218,281 people represented an impressive 1,022 per. The Great Plains and Midwest, tend nursing home population by state 2019 be 0.23 %, %! Minnesota has a small increase of 2.5 % since the 2000 census -10.4.... Northern Midwest, tend to be 6,833,793, an increase from the official. Financially secure and involved in their communities nursing home related data and can. Is very sparsely distributed resides in the country its size significant increase from 2018 to 2019 is,! Allow for mass urban settlement economics issue 3,948,950 residents: Kalawao County census with... Estimates that Alabama ’ s cities vary significantly in terms of landmass,,..., Arizona still has a population that is not technically a state but is only about one-tenth of its surface... Homes designated a `` best nursing home related data and reports can be ascribed the. Most simplistic estimate is Birmingham three other cases like this: Illinois Hardin... - How many states do you know stars ) state at 735,720 people actually. 2Nd in terms of nursing homes designated a `` best nursing home reports were the last official results. Of Florida, with a population density in keeping with its size 5,695,564 people from 5,048,281 in to... State-Level Look at COVID-19 Vaccinations a long period of time, working less, or informally as... Census Bureau, Washington had a population of approximately 2.9 million people in. Access to primary care entire state of 2018 just 0.24 %, 0.76,.

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