In hospital for a stroke, he starts talking again seeing his dog

In hospital for a stroke, he starts talking again seeing his dog

A man, struck by a stroke and was hospitalized, started talking again seeing his beloved dog: it happens in Florence.

A man suffering from a stroke, and hospitalized for some time at the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence, resumed talking during a meeting with his beloved dog. This is what TGCom24 reports, in telling a story that demonstrates all the merits of the presence of four-legged friends for the sick.

The meeting, made known by the Azienda Sanitaria Toscana Centro, was organized by the hospital’s nursing assistance. The staff, led by the coordinator Paola Poggiali, prepared an environment that was able to welcome the little dog – named Phoebe – while maintaining maximum hygiene. This last measure was necessary to guarantee maximum safety for the patient, the other patients in the hospital and the animal itself. In addition, there has been verification of all the basic requirements, such as the presence of the vaccination booklet.

The visit, included in the “Pet Visiting” project, had much more extensive effects than expected: the owner, seeing his pet approaching, managed to pronounce the first sentences after a long time. Francesca Ciraolo, director of the hospital garrison, commented on this important meeting, as TGCom24 always reports:

It is not the first time that it happens to bring pets in our wards, even the most critical ones such as intensive care and I thank the staff for their willingness to support and promote this important project that represents an added value in our assistance to the sick.

The benefits of the presence of pets in hospitals, particularly in the conditions of long hospitalization and convalescence, have long been known. In fact, they reduce the tension and stress caused by having to stay away from their family environment for a long time, promoting a more rapid recovery. More and more hospitals today allow dogs and cats in the lane to enter the ward, after checking the necessary hygiene measures, and there are also more and more pet therapy realities scattered all over the territory of the Boot.

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