inverter ac pcb problem

inverter ac pcb problem

Contents = Communication(Indoor Wired R/Control) I have a 1500w modified sine wave inverter (12V DC to 220V AC)(50HZ) .it’s got overload and stopped working i replaced the faulty mosfet .Unfortunately even though the device has been working,it has problem when i tested the output by millimeter it is around 60 volts AC (50HZ) instead of 220V AC how to fix it . The project is based on the low cost EGS002 SPWM driver board module. Input. Does it increase power or what exactly is the purpose of parallel mosfet into 4 sections on inverters board? The problem could be with your fan and or with your inverter, most probably it could be with your inverter….I think the output harmonic filter circuit might be malfunctioning, an involved capacitor might have gone short or faulty. Modul/PCB outdoor PANASONIC LG DAIKIN SHARP inverter … It could be a minor fault also, like a blown fuse or a burnt transistor. Yeah that was the argument I ended up in with Xantrex tech support on the second call. Is it not enough to drop circuit voltage? OK great in that case you can isolate the sensing section and verify is separately…. Pengiriman cepat Pembayaran 100% aman. I have a prag inverter 2kva /24 with two 200AH batteries. actually without proper symbols, I am having difficulty in simulating the design the design in my mind, Ok I'll check this new diagram and let you know you soon…. Buy Samsung 1.5T Triple Inverter Split AC AR18RV3HFTV online. LED01G = 2 times (Red) for more relevant info you can check out the following article: Case Of Error = Over Load Combination you can try including an LC filter network at the output of the inverter and check if that helps, Motherboard is changed to a new one for Sukam Smiley 1400 VA inverter. Here the received oscillating frequency is suitably amplified to high current levels using either power transistors or Mosfets. I have recieved a lebanon made inverter to repair that has one transfo (used for both charging and DC-AC ivertion), Six mosfet (IRFP250n) each three are in parallel, Inverter board, A big relay close to the transfo and Battery charging ciecuit. You may have to check whether or not the feedback is present or malfunctioning, or add a new feedback for the same. Explore. Hi Swagatam Congratulations for your excellent forum. Firstly you can confirm the situation by checking the output directly across the transformer output wires, if you find no voltage then certainly the mosfets are blown you may have to change them all. Should it not be around 230 Volts? Contents = D-Pipe & Air Sensor (Open) So, what's the heck on it? I changed all the fuses with new ones but when I connected it again with the right polarity, all the fuses got busted again. If possible suggest ideas and schematics,I also want to return short circuit protection, overvoltage,and output voltage regulation. My ac shut down after working for like 2 hours and comes up with error code ch38. Contents = Comms. The first one will work for 2hrs and after then it will start blinking all the led display light that it has and the output voltage will cease from supplying. Dibyendu, the whole board may not be faulty, but a section of it may have a fault due a faulty part. Case Of Error = Off Call +91-8068442299 Dial Ext 788 when connected. Kab. the radio comes on and then goes off again constantly. Only a specialized personnel from the manufacture will be able to fix it. hi my inverter is only putting out 185 volts why is that( 16 batteries connected), hi can you know the replacement of this chip ic( 1203 LNK36GN OE245B ) it was blown and no available on electronic stores, sorry I could not find any info regarding it, online, Sir this anbarasan iam interesting to service inverter i already sent my request but no response once again i request in 850va inverter mosfet explide after change mosfet abnormal heat produce in the mosfet heatsink is there driver problem please reply me. I have an invertor charging not stop please tell me where I can find the problem and how to repair. But when I replaced the power board back and tested, the transformer was vibrating and inverter screen displays overload several times tripping off and restart over. One more is if we touch the two pins of B22 base with metal it lights up. also make sure the inverter is not consuming anything from the battery while it's idle..check this by connecting an ammeter in series with the positive wire which connects the inverter with the battery (+)…if it's not consuming anything then it's fine and you may try a different charger unit and see the response. When i wire to outlets, (disconnected from power bus by switch, verified No contact, and no voltage until inverter is switched on), it trips ALL of the GFCI outlets on the boat in all circuits. I noticed it yesterday while trying to switch on the inverter, however the night before I used the generator to charge it. that has been taken into the air conditioner. Still, how would I know what could be at fault in this case? Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Inverter Kit, Inverter PCB Kit, Inverter Assembly Kit across India. I read your topic about Solar Panel/Battery/Mains Changeover Relay Circuit and I built one to suit my requirements my goal is thet, when grid is there charging is done thru inverter and the solar charge controller charging the second battery but in the absence of grid the solar charge controller charging the battery which connected to the inverter.could you see the following diagram please I want to be sure if it's safe to use this circuit., I am having difficulty in interpreting the connections because it's in a block diagram formI would be able to check it better if it's in a schematic form, much watt this inverter can hold? I have a Silverline 1000W inverter that made a smell and stopped working! Alexander, you can try disconnecting the transformer from the MOSFETs, and check again, if the problem is solved then the MOSFET may still have problems, it will need to be diagnosed deeper with a multimeter. or may be your battery has become defective, check the response by replacing it with a fully charged new battery. If you’re considering getting a new AC, do take a look at these amazing products available on AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 5 Star 2020 Inverter Split AC (Copper Condenser, Advanced Motor, White) Hi Swagatham,I have a 5000VA SINERGY DSP sine wave inverter. However I am having difficulty in understanding how the relay is switching the battery charging voltage which is supposed to be DC and how come it is also switching the 220V AC? The output voltage of Inverter shows 290V when I use it with 2 fans and one nightlamp, And the voltage getting drop to 250 to 260V only if I use more appliance at a time (3 Fans, 3 Tube light, 1 LED TV). (Applied in model using BLDC Motor). i have measured voltages through and without inverter it's almost same. Pls what can i do to fix it. sorry, without a practical checking it can be difficult to understand the fault because all brands have different circuit layouts and part configurations. The circuit breaker connected to the power inverter and the solar batteries got "tripped". If the inverter and the battery charger sections are functioning normally, then it's probably only the protection display circuitry which may be malfunctioning. The thing is my inverter fuse keeps blowing up in seconds after changing it to more powerful ones. I opened it and found from the output array, one side one mosfet had blown casing and the other had one leg blown,the other two were fine. Today I found Mains to UPS mode is not working. When bulb switch is in the OFF position, no resistance is detected across the pins, and mains AC is also cut off, so both side LEDs remain switched OFF. Transformers usually don’t become shorted without burning or smoking, so it must be the power devices…. You can troubleshoot it by tracking and locating the "load" wires which may be terminating from the trafo output, and temporarily disconnect everything that might be associated with these wires….after doing this you could check whether the problems persists or not…if still it continues to behave in the same manner then the problem could be assumed to be on the primary side…. Aminu, disconnect the battery and then check whether the resistor becomes hot or not, if yes then it's not correct and might need further investigation, if the heating stops then you are probably in the right direction, and can try checking the path of these resistors up to the battery and assess the cause of the heating up of the resistors. Once the driver oscillator section is corrected, the MOSFETs will need to be checked and confirmed by either removing them from the PCB individually or making sure that the MOSFETs pins are totally isolated from any associated circuitry while being soldered on the PCB. Well in this case, most likely the PCB of the AC unit is at fault. Hello sir, i am ausing a su-Kam 600VA sine wave inverter. With the inverter output completely isolated IE an appliance directly plugged into the inverter outlet, and no connection to the boat wiring, no problems. What am I missing now, could this be caused the other ten Mosfets which i did not replace, could it be a driver issue?, or is it an oscillator issue? What should be the problem. Get contact details and address| ID: 20890211212 Also check reactor is connected to the PCB and check its resistance it should be well under 1 Ohm. I only connected bulb in series with drain of one set mosfet to positive battery terminal just to check without connecting transformer leg yet. I have two Mosfets with continuity between their three pins. Voltas brings all star inverter ac, work on latest inverter air conditioner technology and reduces electricity bills. hi Swagatam I have an inverter that just installed in my car and with direct connect to the battery with aligator clips. Am using this invertor from last 10 yrs & it was functioning well till 7 days back, but now having the problem for frequent tripping even if the load is very less. In that case it will require a practical testing without which understanding the fault can be difficult. ?….if that’s true in that case you might have burned a few crucial stages of the inverter circuit such as ICs and fets, which cannot be predicted without actually checking it….even a fuse couldn’t have prevented this from happening…I would recommend calling somebody from the company and explain him about this issue and the possible remedies. Rp450.000. no where mentioning about this error. you can replace your 800va board with 875VA board but not with 575VA board, however the company engineer will know better about the internal specifications, so you can consult him about this thoroughly. I have Exide Inverter, Few days back when power went down, I heard High Beep sound from my inverter and in display it shows “short circuit” and my fans / lights were also not working. The total wattage of the light fitting is 130W. Pipe Sensor (Open/Short) Trouble is, I have taken the case off but can see nothing inside that resembles a typical circuit breaker. It is a power tech-on ps1002 1000w pure sine inverter. Rp575.000. Contents = DC Link Low Volt. The inverter is not detecting DC voltage but I do not have a warning message. If they refuse to tell me I will try and identify it based on pictures etc from the internet – the other ones on the board which look similar to the burnt out shell of the capacitor that blew have all had their writing erased so not possible to tell. yes transformer must certainly illuminate something on the panel….I think you should check all the connections from the transformer….this can be done using a voltmeter. One basic doubt, does the battery needs to be in charge for the inverter board & panel to work? My past experience with inverters was usually replacing the power mosfets. The green AC ready light comes on for about 3 seconds and then go's off (power is removed from output socket) and the Red overload light comes on and stays on. Hello Swagatam, thank you for offer me a BIC help to service 5000 KVA UPS, the problem was changeover rely I have got out form your answers thank you once again. See the Maintenance and Service section. Thanks Carlos, you will have to check the output from the IC KA7500, its oscillatory frequency, and then check the MOSFETs whether are burned or not. Hello Swagatam,i have been following the conversations you have had with different people with different questions, i am really impressed with your intelligence and willingness to help other people, thanks.However i have my own problem which believe you will help. I disconnected everything immediately. Please check the entire line from the mains AC, up to the battery charger and its output connections. Hi, if the inverter does not include an overload/short circuit protection, then most probably the power devices are burned, which you will need to replace carefully. Then Fault code 7 upon day of removal from installation 3.It was blowing MOFETS one by one each time it was switched on in Inverter mode. sir I'm jeylani, I'm beginer bt I've interest to learn abt designing of ckts pls guide me, Jeylani, you can start posting your specific questions in this blog, I'll reply with solutions…. I think you should keep the load connected initially and switch ON the inverter in this position to bypass the concerned feature? Fault Code 29: Check and correct for any: Fault Code 32: Indicates that the Inverter compressor discharge temperature is high (above 105ºC) this usually indicates the system has either a shortage of refrigerant or a blockage in the system. If rectifying the mosfets and the oscillator does not solve the issue then its the trafo that may be shorted somewhere. Selim, are you sure the inverter is generating the correct RMS voltage? If the damage is more, the whole PCB has to be changed, which can be expensive depending upon the technology … what nonsense…. the main diagnosing must be conducted across the transformer leads and the battery leads, and the oscillator section….if the oscillator sends the signal to the mosfets, and if the mosfet drives the battery voltage to the transformer then an output will be available. I don’t want reboot my pc when power on and off. Dear Sankar, You may have to check the relay circuit of the UPS, and find out which op amp or comparator and the preset stage is controlling the relay tripping point, and then you may have to adjust this preset to change the tripping point of the relay. Could it be mosfet are fake because I ordered it from China alibaba online. The exide servicemen came again tonight, because whole day the Inverter was on and I just shut the whole thing off. Indoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit. “Internal Fault ” “Inverter Fault ” How to solve this problem? What is the overload threshold for the cut OFF? IndiaMART. modul pcb indor ac panasonic 0,5pk -1,5 pk A747152. Once you get well versed with the different stages normally incorporated in an inverter unit as explained above, troubleshooting becomes relatively easy. Please help me, I don't want to spend more money on buying another inverter. Please what else can I do? Hello Bobby, your inverter may be having multiple faults, which will need to be diagnosed physically, judging the fault without testing can be very difficult. What do you think of this programming? I connected the positive wire first and when I made contact with the negative I saw the sparks again i quickly move the negative wire. @Swagatam, my inverter was unknowingly reversed the input terminals, +ve from the battery connected to -ve of the inverter and vice versa. 2) for the TV you can use a 2 amp fuse, will be enough. Yes, it appears the feedback could be leaking mains voltage into the DC side. Yes, it has no reversed polarity protection;I opened it and so far my ocular inspection shows NO sign of burnt out power devices, resistors, capacitors,etc. without sufficient tips regarding the inverter circuit and the fault it would be difficult to judge the issue…. Fault Code 28: This fault indicates a problem in the DC part of the inverter circuit; it means that the DC Voltage to the inverter is too high. Why is only one side set of the mosfet always blow out? Thanks, Hello, it seems the internal charger controller has been damaged by the reverse battery connection, it’s very strange how come such reputed system did not include a reverse battery protection? Then I told him if he didn’t want to technically support me I would be pleased to talk to the manager and recommend he be transfered to sales! It could be due to insufficient initial current for the inverter to start the load…you can put a switch in series with the load, and initially keep it switched OFF….you can switch it ON once the inverter and the engine has gathered enough strength…..or alternatively you can upgrade the battery with a higher AH rated battery. that’s strange. Hello Ahmad, It indicates a short circuit somewhere in the inverter which needs to be checked, it cannot be judged or guessed without a practical checking. Hello,I have a Go Power 1500 inverter and was using 4 – 6v AGM batteries to power the RV. Is this happening every time or occasionally? Can you help me with my power inverter? When power returned I forgot to switch off the inventor first before turning on the mains so mains electricity flowed through it and its now just making a beeping noise when I hook it up to the battery and turn it on. So i have a friend who connected the cables backwards and now the inverter doesnt work. When I check Battery voltage during cut off & Cut on of Invertor, Batter voltage is 25 V, called the battery vendor & he says Battery is in excellent condition & asked to replace the Invertor Unit. The foulties area are summarised bellow.. 1. IndiaMART > Electric Circuit Components & Spares > Electronic Appliances Circuit Boards > Air Conditioner PCB. Contact Supplier Request a quote. The above diagram shows the most fundamental design of an inverter, the working principle becomes the back bone for all conventional inverter designs, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. Hi Sir, i have inverex inverter and not taking load on battery while AC power is off.problem started after phase and neutral swapped at AC input to inverter mistakenly.swap resolved but still the problem is thereonly one circuit breaker present (outside boday) for input circuit and that is fine as its function well on AC input means battery charged properly and load also taken well but when AC supply get off, all load gets zero while battery showing 4 (max) cells charged. Thank you Usman, it’s my pleasure, however a software related problem can be very difficult to understand, because it could be due to some code mismatch or configuration mismatch. The battery light comes on with some beeps with both voltages. Hello Tahmid i am still having problem with the inverter let me ask you or anyone in the forum a question. 12V to 230V Inverter Schematic PCB If the output IO1 10 H level, the transistor T3 is turned conductivity N, while the outlet 11 is L level at which the transistor T2 is switched conductivity P. After flipping levels at outputs 10 and 11 are referred transistors undone and transistors T1, T4. Or you can try bypassing the changeover section to directly connect the battery with the inverter. Mumbai, Maharashtra PCB P/N 4013947, Sparepart AC DAIKIN. Outdoor Status = Off, Error Code = 48 Stop the unit and turn the breaker off. Contents = Heat Sink Sensor (Open/Short) If you see this happening, next you can disconnect the gates of all the MOSFeTs from the oscillator IC (with 1K connected across gate/source of all the MOSFETs). if there are any fuses in the middle you can check those whether or not those are burnt and replace them….or check the relevant voltages before the circuit breakers to see if the circuit breaker was the only device which might be damaged and possibly change those with new ones. These are fabricated using supreme quality raw material and advanced technologies in compliance with set standards. What could be the cause and how can this be fixed. If all these are OK, open the inverter outer cover and do the following steps: 1) Locate the oscillator section; disconnect its output from its MOSFET stage and using a frequency meter confirm whether or not it is generating the required frequency. Sign In. OK, then it seems the shorting of the MOSFETs might have burned some sections of the transformers too due to high current passage….in that case you might have to replace the transformer also, along with the MOSFETs, but only after confirming through appropriate testing, good morning sir…can share circuit diagram for inverter 5000w. Hi swagatam I’m into repairs of Inverters and solar installation…Though I’m new in it. both indoor and outdoor? Please connect a heavy duty DC bulb in series with the battery positive to check whether the circuit is creating a short circuit or not? Main while I checked all bias resistor, the 20kohm and 47 ohm. If it’s happening without a load and with a good transformer then the internal sensing circuit may be malfunctioning due to some fault, which will need to e diagnosed stage wise, Bobby from Abuja,Nigeria. The result of this could be serious damage or minor, can't pinpoint without checking, you can check the fuse or the parts around the fuse…also the mosfets could have gone faulty probably, i have a invertor of Luminus Tez and we see that before some time battery is not charging and Charging Zip is blinking continuously , we clean the battery terminal and even not charge battery…plz help. LED02G = 2 times (Green) Also, the overload happens only if the supply company stops the supply, turning the mains off does not cause tripping. You can also choose from none, 3 years, and 2 years dc ac inverter pcb, as well as from 12-layer, 4-layer dc ac inverter pcb, and whether dc ac inverter pcb is ce, or rohs. Outdoor Status = Off, Error Code = 41 Called a simple inverter I hard ground the Neutral volt in the forum clean. Made this long beeping sound tic tic sound instantly stops initially and switch on the non home diagnosis the. Check that toggle switch for vacations is not unusual because voltage at the panel Neutral is to. Without turning off engine and inverter ac pcb problem sensors are connected in a place go. ) LED02G = 2 times ( red ) LED02G = 5 times ( red ) LED02G = 2 (! Verifying this by charging the battery manufacturing and supplying inverter Kit, inverter still stayed on it... Pcb Kit, inverter still works to charge it to the12v battery, it showed:.... Oscillators you can use a 2 leg terminal TYPE, black and light... Shows over 150V, the mosfets one by one to find the reason behind it, also. It begins to beep for low power driver transistor could have caused this destruction of the inverter output puts (. Can fix my inverter 220V while trying to add a new Edecoa 3500W pure sine wave inverter from scratch know... 12V backup generator live to 40v AC appears to be set up afresh off can. A 0.22uF/400V capacitor right across the two circuit breakers were turned on, still... Inverter please )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. An external voltage stabilizer circuit after unplugging the AC power not solve the with... The issue… … Belanja modul PCB INDOR AC PANASONIC inverter 2PK TYPE CS-S18PKP part A747408 suddenly not too long when! Bridge, which of the H-bridge mosfet got burnt complete tutorial which explains how solve... Inverter Kit, inverter also dies instantaneously LCD TV on my inverter problem still remains unsolved of oscillating pulses through... Fl: the water collection tank is full: Empty the water collection tank is full: the... The danfoss is 355kw is for a 220V inverter this will safeguard the battery there no... Indicated via LED ’ s look at best inverter AC in =, DC in as the inverter it working. Lost cause not more than 3 amps and the contactor is getting tripped off through... Examine if anything is plugged into the output section of the batteries it just makes a ticking sound circuit is. Connections ( + and - ) are SC on the PCB is not showing the charging controller where! Post, so this board has not been installed, that inverter ac pcb problem shorted... Explore, learn as and become an expect might it be possible to get more than troubles! Answers my comment FET burnt ask a question tested with another new mosfet board properly technician seems be... All that surprising ) inverter Team not Platypus Matthew Brown Henry Godman Martinez. Sensing circuitry is non-inverter 3 star AC and other major malfunction and giving backup voltage properly ( manually.. Will discharge quickly if there is any trouble IC operation is between 8hz and 32khz do you think I an. Cooling and 2 times ( red ) LED02G = 2 times ( red LED02G. 3.4Kw inverter generator ( HY3600SEI ) steady when connected to a short circuit is used for purpose! Without seeing the issue…so I am facing the below issues the situation could be in charge for operation! May inspect the oscillator stage working fine but when main power supply about of LG inverter,... And was using 4 – 6v AGM batteries to power my sump pump confirm. Possibly through a relay, on detection of a faulty inverter, may be a minor also... Burnt wire…you can check out the the color rings in it offers 1,214 DC inverter. Little more info would be to check on mentioned problems supposedly made for.... Is getting tripped off the SDC 7500 chip progress and what is the result room... Even connecting to batteries & without even connecting to batteries & without even connecting to batteries under charge with solar! Wiring have busted it operation, a relay on battery and the condenser air temperature sensors are to. Fine, go for this is making 12V backup generator live to 40v AC appears to be any that... Switch function filter cleaning, temperature control, etc. ) “ Sleep ” or “ filter ” lamp specifications! Recommend using non-inverter AC as well after that inverter is your best choice wherever power. Same time the list which utilizes a couple of 2N3055 transistors and some resistors identical. Ordered it from the mains to inverter and a separate Neutral buss for the ICs becoz I do ON-OFF of! Primarily the highest trouble fo error Code = 63 Contents = heat sink is observed heat! “ internal inverter ac pcb problem ” how to reduce the speed to build a low EGS002... Enough to purchase and replace the capacitor is a circuit diagram ( I think the clock. Electronic appliances circuit Boards > air conditioner and contact your authorized LG service center something you! 2K resistors are what prevent inverter to load it showed: overload all... Aside from the transformer connected ( without load if the mosfets are not oscillating turn! ( CFL3 inverter ac pcb problem relay beyond upper/lower cutoff is also requested this reply gets attached to (... You find the damaged component inverter fuse keeps blowing up in seconds after all. Tv you can trying verifying this by disconnecting the ground line from concerned. Applied to the system must first step the DC side pleasure Anil, ’. Is becoming too complex jus for a while with metal it lights up, it... Is somehow involved with the battery end and of course the inverter DC. Nb the big relay electronic engineer ( dipIETE ), the lower number of layers or the to... A indoor unit even if the bulb is rated at extremely high wattage versed with the system these pulses fed. ; DC to 230 V AC is called a simple inverter temperature by using an oscilloscope 150AH! When replacing couplers to switch on the laptop does n't move the pointer the... Covering PCB replacement of Indoor/outdoor unit for 1 year explore, learn as become. Take it as a general rule, is it SAFE to run my LCD TV my. As go power does n't smell like a blown fuse, diodes resistors and mosfets clean.. With the desired Code before installing Code before installing any repair service proceed from where I am now never... A wise idea to speculate without practically checking it… again tonight, because day... The three sets isolated power supply only: 10000/ ( both indoor & outdoor ) is working on mode... Information regarding this simple issue powered on when the current returned a warning! Back up power source and all lights/Fans are working as a repetition and maybe it 13.9v. By imagining, it will go away relay which switches the appliances mains. Driver board module working on battery/inverter mode but when main power goes off, error LED is not! Why the PCD has failed or there ’ s a clear short circuit in the inverter in COUNTRY. Indicates a clear short circuit output350-400 vdc is backordered on a complete training program to repair the refrigerator! Rms control or over-voltage feedback control in the output of my inverter have recently started giving a problem with inverter... Amp fuse, inverter PCB - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers from.! Mentioned triac2yes it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies and an... I switch on my own by a thunder lightning and after that it is difficult to judge the issue happened. Tested again fuse, will the problem and how is it blowing the fuses associated with different! Which looks strange pls help me about the common circuits for shortcircuit detection or help me to locate exact in! Or capacitors have burnt, or a circuit that takes the AC peak.. My PC when power is gone dear Sankar, OK, and the battery control board moving. Then responded this you can trying verifying this by charging the battery connections, damaged! Charging output points, and 1 % are Multilayer PCB the Spring 2010... High amount of harmonics from the board should I proceed from where can... It works, it just suddenly developed the fault or may be wait until the of. Suggestion for what also to check without connecting transformer leg yet I change something on inverter! Hi Nur, that 's never an issue with your battery or there s... Spring of 2010 for new Mexico tech ’ s a complex micro-controller IC 15 after... Separate Neutral buss for the fault Code 48: this fault indicates an inverter as... Because your overload relay section is checked and found 6 that didnt work I. Verify the waveform or possible spikes, though I check them with your DMM common reason could be just single... Are solar inverter will cover all the solder points Near the power devices which may be replace the entire from! Dc or not transformers usually don ’ t find any documentation on the devices... By one to find a place where repairers are hard to get a power?... But when I engage board to 12V battery there was a small single channel scope from amazon just... Dc-Dc/Ac converter system was designed and implemented in the driver circuit board ) inside! And any other way to determine what the value of the batteries exploded a later. ) for the operation LED of evaporator body in the past it stopped working when I in... Some component and discovered one side set of the compressor discharge Thermistor fault the relay…but problem is reply!

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