Dogs in a restaurant: rules, tricks and behavior

Dogs in a restaurant: rules, tricks and behavior

Dining at the restaurant with the dog is allowed, but it is necessary to consider some factors, starting from the availability of the same exercise.

Going to a restaurant with your dog has been possible for a long time: this is established by law, since the establishment is considered a place open to the public, therefore of common use. In the same way, the quadruped cannot access all the places where food is prepared, handled, processed, processed and stored, such as a kitchen or a supermarket: this is determined by Regulation no. 852/2004/EC, to avoid possible contamination. But what do you have to do to spend an evening in a restaurant with your love dogs?

Public space and space open to the public

The law is clear in this regard: the dog can access all public places, i.e. those owned by the state property, and all spaces with access to the public, i.e. those privately owned but where people can access. Usually these fall into the category of commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants, shops and means of transport, where access to the quadruped is allowed, albeit with reservations in some cases.

Open the restaurant for dogs and cats in Rome

The owner could prevent him from crossing the threshold by a sign on the front door. A similar thing can apply to the restaurant and, as for all places open to the public, the dog can enter freely if the manager does not impose a refusal, but always with muzzle and leash in tow.

As mentioned above, the restaurant falls into the category of places open to the public managed privately, where the dog can enter as long as the owner does not prefer to ban it by putting a special prohibition sign on the door. But it is always a good rule to ask before crossing the threshold of the restaurant, wearing a muzzle and leash, also taking into account the nature of the animal and its familiarity with crowded spaces.

Choice of table and location

If access to the restaurant is allowed, it is a good idea to request a table in a secluded and quiet area, where the passage of staff or the public is less frequent, so as not to create discomfort to those who have no interest in interacting with the quadruped. The dog should sit next to the family, preferably wearing a muzzle, especially if he is impetuous and curious, with a bowl of water at hand, which is often offered by the restaurant itself. It is best to avoid having meals together with the owner or receiving the leftovers from dinner, a trick to prevent him from getting too excited. Ideally, it should be placed under the table or chairs, so as to calm him down and avoid him wandering around the space.

Behaviour and education

The dog will have to behave politely, respecting the sharing of a common space, often frequented by those who are not used to its presence, perhaps at a safe distance from those who complain of suffering from allergies related to its hair. Not only on a leash and sitting quietly, but also clean and healthy, lying on a cover or a mini mat, easily transportable.

If dinner should take longer, it is important to allow him a break for the trip and needs, to be made outside the club in a green area. The interaction with patrons, the behaviour and the use of the muzzle are often uncertainties linked to the education received by the dog and his temperament. If the friend is calm and quiet, he will spend his time dozing next to the human feet, if instead he has a lively temperament and all too agitated, it is better to calm him down avoiding distractions and calls from strangers.

Quality time sharing

The choice to be accompanied by the dog is certainly positive, the result of the long daily cohabitation and of a routine made of behaviors and mutual knowledge. But before taking your friend to the restaurant, it is a good idea to ask yourself if it is a pleasant experience for him or if it might just upset him, bore him or even stress him.

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