Dogs and mental health: 6 ways to improve it

Dogs and mental health: 6 ways to improve it

The mental wellbeing of the dog plays a fundamental role in everyday life, so it is right to take care of it thanks to a series of useful measures.

Dogs are a beneficial presence in the owner’s life and in that of those who have the opportunity to interact with them: enthusiasm and immense affection is a source of pure joy. Ensuring them a healthy and caring path is very important, particularly from the physical point of view, but mainly mental. The dog’s brain, in fact, shows particular similarities with the human brain, especially with regard to emotions and balances linked to serenity. Even our four-legged friends can fall victim to a series of common problems for man, such as anxiety, stress, physical pain, depression and loneliness: preventing this from happening is of vital importance for his balance.

Exercise and play

Sports and outdoor activities are a useful answer to keep your dog’s mental balance active, able to remove stress and anxiety. Experts recommend many outdoor activities: the large spaces help mental relaxation and allow the dog to let off steam with a run or a series of rolls in the green.

The relationship of trust and interaction with each other benefit greatly, while the dog has the opportunity to browse, smell and discover new places while keeping his senses active. And if the weather doesn’t allow it, it might be useful to organise playful activities at home, such as chasing the ball, playing wrestling or jumping up and down in a chair. Always respecting your friend’s physical condition and age.

Pampering, massage and contact

Pampering and contact can help to reduce anxiety, particularly through the practice of massage, which the dog deeply loves. A guided and conscious touch helps to intensify interaction and non-verbal dialogue, calms the friend’s soul and makes him more aware of his body. To tackle this particular path it is good to have the support of an expert, a trainer who can suggest the best techniques to caress and massage your dog for perfect relaxation.

Enrichment of daily life

Boredom and loneliness are two important obstacles that can affect the serenity of the quadruped, so it is right to offer him a daily life full of stimuli that will enrich him personally. Not only games and movement, but also a series of activities that can become an integral part of the daily routine, able to make the days more lively and stimulating. Starting with a walk, a drive, a trip to the beach or to the local sgambo area, but also an agility or obedience course, up to the classic shopping and clubbing tour. The dog must be able to access pleasant situations, not too chaotic and stressful, but which are fun and interesting.

Respect personal character

Respect the nature of the dog is a necessity, especially if the friend is shy and fearful and does not like places that are too crowded: taking care of his well-being implies choosing places that are pleasant and not stressful. If he does not like to interact with other dogs or people it is not good to force him, but prefer a situation where calm reigns and he can relax.

Interests and preferences

Stimulating the activities that he loves is the best way to capture his attention and keep him away from a static condition of housewife boredom, better to prioritize his interests and preferences. Not only walks and games, but it is right to encourage interaction with your fellow dogs if the dog loves to know, smell and play with other dogs. Routine changes are always a good opportunity to reactivate the interest and stimulate the mind with new smells and places.

Visits, care and dialogue

Mental wellbeing also passes through a series of routine visits and visits to the vet, to ensure constant care and checks. The dialogue with the dog must be fluid and with calm and serene tones, shouting is not useful if not to frighten him and increase his anxiety, on the contrary it could help an educational path started with the support of an educator.

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