Dog and nose that bleeds: causes and treatments

Dog and nose that bleeds: causes and treatments

The nosebleed can also affect the dog at home: nasal bleeding is not so frequent, but it can occur in some specific cases not to be overlooked.

A nosebleed is not so frequent in dogs, but it can affect their daily life and well-being, encouraging a general condition of stress and worry. A situation only apparently harmless, which could hide some important problems: for this reason it is good to investigate trying to find the causes, to implement the most suitable solutions. Let’s discover together the most common causes.

Foreign body

The loss of a nosebleed, scientifically known as a nosebleed, could be caused by the presence of a foreign body, usually a pharaoh. The latter can stick during walks in the countryside and tall grass: the ear gets stuck in the nostril causing discomfort and bleeding.

Physical trauma

A blow to the nose or a head injury can facilitate this type of reaction: in particular, in the latter case, the impact could favour a concussion with internal bleeding. The nasal nosebleed is therefore the only obvious symptom of a major problem.


An inflammation caused by rhinitis or bacterial, fungal or parasitic inflammation: all important causes that can also externalize their presence through nasal bleeding. The most aggressive is the bacterial infection that deeply irritates the internal mucous membranes, until the liquid is released.

Dental problem

Teething is as important for the dog as the health of the same: for this reason it is right not to underestimate the presence of inflammation with the related formation of an abscess. This can infect the upper jaw until it reaches the nasal cavity, with relative swelling of the part, back of the nose and lower part of the eye.

Intoxication or poisoning

The ingestion of a toxic substance, a poisonous product or even the bite of a dangerous animal can affect the health of the four-legged friend, leading him to show a series of reactions including nasal bleeding.

Diseases and tumours

Some diseases also manifest themselves through this condition, such as leishmaniasis or cancer, particularly in dogs with longer snouts.


Blood clotting difficulties are also three causes of nasal bleeding, specifically in the presence of certain diseases caused by a tick bite, such as ehrlichiosis.

Symptoms and treatments

As anticipated, the most common symptom is nasal bleeding, which can also manifest itself through a series of repeated sneezing, with blood release, so it is good to check the part to verify the origin of the manifestation. Excluding in this way the presence of cuts or scratches, but trying to verify everything with the utmost calm, avoiding that the friend gets stressed or acted further. First you can try to stop the flow by applying an ice pack wrapped in a cloth, avoiding the insertion in the nostrils of fabric or cotton. Not being able to establish the origin of the problem, it is good to consult your vet immediately, who will suggest the most useful solution after a thorough examination of the quadruped.

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