Dies to save his three dogs from a frozen lake

Dies to save his three dogs from a frozen lake

A man lost his life trying to save his three dogs from a frozen lake: it happens in California, in the area north of the state.

An American man unfortunately lost his life in an attempt to save his three beloved dogs, who fell into a glacial lake. This is what happened a few days ago in Meyers, in northern California, near Lake Baron. David Schmidt, the owner of the quadrupeds, had decided to take an open-air hike with his four-legged friends.

The man, 39 years old, was with two of his dogs and a third one belonging to a friend: together, they were walking near Lake Baron. Suddenly one of the dogs – or perhaps more quadrupeds, according to the reconstructions of the sheriff of El Dorado county – fell into the frozen water and the owner immediately jumped in for a quick recovery.

While the man was in the water, the sheriff’s department and the Lake Valley fire department received a report of possible drowning. Upon arrival at the scene, rescue teams found two of the three dogs still in the water, as well as some clothing afloat. Unfortunately, while all the quadrupeds were properly rescued, there was nothing for the owner to do: the man allegedly died of hypothermia and the body was found in another area of the lake, possibly dragged by the currents.

The authorities took advantage of this to warn the population to avoid solo excursions during the winter, when ice and snow could be fatal. It is always necessary to have a partner and, in cases like this, to call the rescue services for the recovery of any animals in difficulty, without intervening directly.

Always go with a partner, someone who can call 911 in case of accidents. Do not attempt a rescue. Do not attempt to rescue one of your dogs. We are better prepared. Do not go into the water alone under any circumstances.

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