west african sheep height

west african sheep height

O. S. Sowande. World Animal Review Revista de Zootecnia, 2240, Abeokuta, Nigeria, You can also search for this author in • Prolific (1.50 - 2.30 lambs/lambing), good meat type • average weight: ewes-40-60 kg and rams 60-90 kg • height at withers of adults is 60 -65 cm • both rams and ewes are polled; ewes have a well developed mammary system • breeds at any time of year and twice per year lambing is common, along with a high percentage of multiple births • annual lambing rate is above 150% • found throughout the Caribbean … Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Cambridge), 112, 321–327, Shrestha, J. N. B., Heaway, D. P., Fisher, P. S. and Langroord, G. A., 1984. Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture, 16, 29 – 36, Bamiro, A. O., 1991. The males have horns while the females are hornless. Statistical Package for social sciences. It is adapted for life in humid forested areas, sub-humid areas and savannahs. They are highly tolerant of trypanosome. The studies involved 38 WAD sheep comprising 25 females and 13 males. Evaluation of body weight as related to linear body measurements in N’Dama cattle under humid tropical environment. Heart girth (HG) and WHQ depicted the highest relationship to live weight in linear and allometric models compared to other body measurements. A. and Kazzal, N. T., 1981. © 2021 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. West African Dwarf is a domesticated breed of sheep and is the the dominant breed from southwest to central Africa. Body Measurements of West African Sheep in Sudan. Yankasa sheep and West African dwarf goat production in the Kainji lake basin of Nigeria. The ewes are thought to go into oestrus throughout the year. El amin , Experimental lambs were taken at birth, weaning, one year age and adult animals at one to four years of age. In terms of height, mature ewes are typically about 49cm tall at the withers and rams are slightly taller at 53cm. Relationship between body measurements, live weight and weight gain in young China bulls. Authors : Studies on the relationship of body weight with the linear body measurements of the West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep were carried out at the National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) outstation located in Ubiaja, Edo stati of Nigeria. The knowledge of live weight of animals is so important in the livestock production and marketing practices that this study was undertaken to develop models for predicting the weight of sheep at market ages. Immediate online access to all issues from 2019. Furthermore, chest girth has been shown to be the body measurement with the highest correlation to live weight in other species like horses (Takaendengan et al 2012) and beef cattle (Ozkaya et al 2009). The relationships between live weight and eight body measurements of West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep were studied using 210 animals under on farm condition. Abstract: A two phase study was conducted using a total of forty-five West African Sheep lambs. Coefficient of determination (R2) values computed for the body measurements were generally higher (0.87–0.99) using allometric regression model than linear regression model (0.44–0.94). Tropical Animal Health and Production A manual for the primary animal health care workers. BW, WH, CG and CG of 26.57 kg, 58.94 cm. Milk yield potentials of diary ewes 6 2.5 Nutrient requirement of pregnant and lactating ewes 9 2.6 Mammary gland development in ewes 12 2.7 Udder measurements and their importance 14 Djallonké sheep are one of the local breeds of West Africa that play a major role in the maintenance of rural populations living and of major cultural importance due to their traditional use in rites and celebrations (OCDE/CEDEAO (2008). Crossword Clue The crossword clue West African sheep. study indicated that surveyed animals exceeded experimental animals in all the body measurements taken. Special Notes. Body Measurements of West African Sheep in Sudan. A sixty-three day study with twenty West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep aged 8-9 months with average live weight of 9.98±0.21kg was carried out to determine feed intake and weight gain when a sole diet of fresh forage of Pennisetum purpureum was replaced at five levels (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%) with fresh leaves of mulberry (Morus alba). Nine sheep were randomly allotted into three treatments, with three sheep per treatment. Sowande, O.S., Sobola, O.S. It is also known by some other names such as Camura, Colombian Wooless, Camura, Pelona, Rojo Africana, Red African and West African.Today the breed is found mainly in Colombia and Venezuela. phase was from birth to one year of age and the second phase was from one year to four years of age. Journal of Animal Science, 37, 11–19, Davis, H. P., Sweet, W. W. and Harvey, W. R., 1961. Experimental lambs were taken at birth, weaning, one year age and adult Females are typically polled (do not have horns). Animal Production, 53, 61–69, Article  This breed referred to as dwarf because it is small and has short legs. Body length, heart girth, height at withers and chest depth were measured. The skin/coat color varies from all black, all white or … Animals with black (BB) coat colour had the highest mean value for rump height (57.80 ± 1.29 cm) and tail length (22.10 ± 0.89 cm), while brown (Bb) coat colour had the least value of 53.00 ± 6.00 cm for rump height and 17.50 ± 0.50 cm for tail length. The Kirdi or Poulfouli is a wholly black variant found in northern Cameroon and southwestern Chad. The Djallonké sheep … Google Scholar, Bhadula, S. K., Bhat, P. and Garg, R. C., 1979. The lambs were grouped using their dental arrangements at the upper and lower jaws, respectively. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11250-007-9116-z, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11250-007-9116-z, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. There are many sheep breeds all over the world but the commonest breed in Ghana is the West African Dwarf (Djallonke’), which is famous for its good adaptation to harsh environmental conditions. Prediction of body weight from body measurements in sheep. Body measurements considered included body length, hair length, ear length, hip width, tail length, height at Morphological traits of Uda and Balami were significantly (P < 0.05) higher than Yankasa, which were both higher than West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep. Sheep, apart from serving as a source of protein in diets, is also kept to play important roles in cultural and social activities [2]. dissertation, University of Ghana), Aziz, D. A., Alrawi, A. West African Journal of Biological Chemistry, 3: 74–80. Relation of heart girth to weight in Holsteins and Jerseys. Genotypes from 47,750 autosomal single nucleotide polymorphism markers scored in 290 animals were used to characterize the population structure of the St. Croix, Barbados Blackbelly, Morada Nova, and Santa Ines. Evaluation of the relationship between body weight and linear measurements in West African Dwarf goat as influenced by sex … Similarly, the same and Rome, Italy. Indian Journal of Animal Health, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 64, 279–291, Spencer, W. P. and Eckert, J. Prediction of yearling weight and dimensions from weaning performance in Awassi sheep. (Pangui and Kaboret, 2013). We believe in openness, in scholarly publishing and research communication. Data were taken on body weight (BW) and 19 linear conformation traits. Prediction of sheep live body weight from seven body measurements using Yankasa sheep. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. D.M Mekki. Body size and conformation in sheep from birth to maturity as affected by breed, crossbreeding maternal and other factors. The estimation of liveweight from heart girth within specified age/sex group of Kenya range cattle. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. A total of 417 mature (>22 months) West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep comprising of 201 rams and 216 ewes intensively reared were used for this study. The West African Dwarf Sheep is resistant to the main cause of livestock mortality (trypanosomiasis) in the rainforest regions of West Africa. The control diet (T1) consisted of grass, while sheep in (T2) and (T3) were fed with CLS and CP at 1.5% of their body weight, respectively for a period of seven weeks. This breed is primarily raised for meat.. Characteristics. The incidence of trypanosomiasis in West African Dwarf sheep and goats in Nsukka, Eastern Nigeria. Kramer, J.W. Pander, B. L., Kanaujia, A. S. and Yadav, A. S., 1989. 50 kg were grouped by weight into five cohorts of three animals. Animal Production, 19, 47–65, Young, D. L., 1972. Growth and body development from birth to maturity in Iranian Mehraban sheep. eight body measurements of West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep were studied using 210 animals under on farm condition. 2240, Abeokuta, Nigeria, Department of Animal Physiology, College of Animal Science and Livestock Production University of Agriculture, P. M. B. , F.M. Article  Estimation of weights of sheep from body measurements. The first phase was from birth to one year of age and the second phase was from one year to four years of age. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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